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12 Apr 2021

Living Green Radio – Episode 2

Glenn Schiffbauer – Santa Fe, NM

Host Glenn Sparks talks with Glenn Schiffbauer, Executive Director of the Santa Fe, NM Green Chamber of Commerce about the origin and implementation of sustainability programs in northern New Mexico. Learn about game-changers soon to happen! Subsequently – this podcast was produced early April 2021. Glenn Schiffbauer mentioned the imminent paradigm shift that will occur with the electric Ford F150 pickup truck. Five months later, it’s confirmed in this Inverse article https://www.inverse.com/innovation/one-ride-in-the-new-electric-ford-f-150-told-me-everything-i-needed-to-know . Learn more about Glenn’s work here https://sfsustainablebusiness.com

06 Apr 2021

Living Green Radio – Episode 1

Brett Shwery – Los Angeles, CA

Brett Shwery, Senior VP and Director of Interior Design at AECOM of the Americas, talks with host Glenn Sparks about how sustainability, flexibility, community and more have become essential to interior design. https://aecom.com

10 Feb 2021

Creative Matrix – Episode 1

Rick Stevens – Santa Fe, NM

In this podcast hosted by Collective producer Glenn Sparks, Rick offers insight into his creative process which results in transcendent landscapes.
View his work & learn more here www.rickstevensart.com
Music cuts in the podcast are from “Amateur Pt 2 (Sparky Mix)”© by Yaasin Hanif