About the Collective

Collective Services

aerial cinematography –  video production – nonpareil audio mix, sound design, music composition and audio production facilities – cinematography – concept & copy writing – directors – location scouting/New Mexico location specialists – post production – producers – production facilities – still photography – web design
Guest House Studio main mix – 11.1 capability, 84″ video monitor

Big market expertise without the big market baggage
Comprised of veteran media professionals who’ve worked with each other for years, the Collective excels at narrative-focused content creation. We can execute projects start to finish in-house, bring your script to lifeor perform any of our services a la carte – video production, commercials, web content and documentaries. We offer state-of-the-art talent, recording studios & video edit suite, cameras and gear, including three 4k camera-equipped drones.

-Sound design/music composition/audio post & mix 
-Hotel/resort/spa – video production/commercials/promos/web content. 
-Filming in New Mexico: We’ve captured amazing footage of our beautiful state for decades.
We know every great New Mexico location, interior and sound stage.
-Three drones, no waiting.

We’d like to work with you. Let’s talk: 323.710.4792 – santafemediacollective@gmail.com