About the Collective

We provide nonpareil video and audio production & post-production, sound design and music composition for commercials, promos, podcasts and films.

Collective Services

aerial cinematography –  video production – nonpareil audio mix, sound design, music composition and audio production facilities – cinematography – concept & copy writing – directors – location scouting/New Mexico location specialists – podcasts – post production – producers – production facilities – still photography – web design
Guest House Studio main mix – 11.1 capability, 84″ video monitor

Big market benefits without the big market baggage
Comprised of veteran media professionals who’ve worked with each other for years, the Collective excels at compelling narrative-focused content creation. We can execute projects start to finish in-house, bring your script to lifeor perform any of our services a la carte – video production, audio production & mix, sound design, music composition, podcasts, web design.
We offer state-of-the-art talent, recording studios & video edit suite, cameras and gear, including three 4k camera-equipped drones.

-Sound design/music composition/audio post & mix/video post.
-Hotel/resort/spa – video production/commercials/promos/web content. 
-Filming in New Mexico: We’ve captured amazing footage of our beautiful state for decades.
We know every great New Mexico location, interior and sound stage.
-Three drones, no waiting.

Our production and post production facilities:
 – Kabby Sound Studios, Santa Fe NM, for voiceover and ADR. Global connectivity.
– Ravenswork Studios, Monterey CA, for audio production & mix, sound design. Mix from mono to 5.1. https://ravenswork.com  
– Guesthouse Studio, Santa Fe NM, for music composition, performance and production. Mix from mono to 11.1. http://michaelstearns.com 
– Capital Video, Santa Fe NM, for video edit and production.

Tech specs upon request; you’ll be impressed. 
We’d like to work with you. Let’s talk: 323.710.4792 – santafemediacollective@gmail.com


CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

We realize the emerging need for community-based action & messaging. We have the talent -people experienced in working with donor companies, community organizations and local governments – and the capabilities to successfully implement this type of work, and produce compelling media accounts about it. Right now Collective collaborator Robert Egger is on the front lines with Chef José Andrés. While in lockdown we’re creating recovery & sustainability programs with community & business leaders in northern New Mexico and nationwide. We’d like to work with your company, your community to help rebuild. Our community engagement creds: 

Leslie Tong’s work includes an impressive list of community-oriented endeavors. She’s worked with The Carousel of Hope, and written/produced/edited these videos for the Carousel of Hope annual gala: Robert DeNiro Tribute, David Foster Tribute, Sidney Poitier Tribute, Magic Johnson Tribute, Honoring George Clooney, and Nancy Reagan & Juvenile Diabetes.
She edited these videos for the World Business Academy: Beyond Nuclear Energy, Close Diablo Canyon, A Salute to Jean Michel Cousteau, Sara Miller McCune Tribute, Honoring Marianne Partridge, and SBR3: Santa Barbara Reliable, Resilient, Renewable.
Leslie also edited a video for DNRC (Dryland Natural Resources Center in Muthwani, Kenya), and serves on the board of Ojai Valley Tennis Club.

Glenn Sparks performed video, media & communications with ANEW for 9 years, producing their project videos. He worked with sponsor and partner clients including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Toyota, Knoll, Teknion, PIMCO, Disney, DirecTV, Kaiser Permanente and dozens more to implement and promote their sustainability and community engagement programs. Glenn also served on the advisory board of Moving Arts Espanola. The benefits of these collaborations have helped over 2,200 local organizations in 20 countries continue their good work in the community http://anewfound.org/receive/become-a-recipient/

Robert Feist’s community engagement includes serving on the advisory board of ANEW. He is past president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce, founder of the Venice Media District and served on the board of Venice Arts and P.A.C.T. (Positive Alternative Choices Today). Robert has worked with producer Glenn Sparks on audio production & sound design at Ravenswork Studios https://ravenswork.com for all ANEW video projects to date.

David Sams has produced many videos and projects for Hilton brands focusing on their CSR activities, from global soap recycling initiatives to green efforts and education & support for global youth.

Debra Grobman, who heads Collective podcasters Flatlands Avenue Productions LLC, has worked with World Wildlife Federation, League of Conservation VotersBaltimore Outreach Services, American Red Cross, The Wilderness Society, and Food Policy Action. She’s also collaborated with Bonfires of Social Enterprise Podcast, Detroit-based Stories of Philanthropy and Social Responsibility, and Green Under Pressure.

Kabby Kabokov has worked with Santa Fe organizations Little Globe and Academy for the Love of Learning at his Kabby Sound Studios.

Andy Atkins has performed camera and video edit work at Capital Video with producer Glenn Sparks on several ANEW project videos.